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Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.18

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.18

Download Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) v4.18

Battery Physician is usually a NO COST battery preserving request that could lengthen your battery existence approximately 50% simply by finding applications and also settings of which depletion power on your own product. Subscribe to 150+ thousand users upon Android mobile phone and also iOS who have seen the pros!

Expert, convenient to use and also assisting nineteen 'languages', Battery Physician simply by Cheetah Portable (formerly often known as KS Mobile) gives a lengthier existence in your Android mobile phone telephone, offers you detailed battery facts and also assists this charge healthily with your one of a kind 3 Level Asking for process.

Secure your Drink!

Discover what’s wearing your power. Adapt your wearing settings (e. gary. brightness) and also disable unwanted applications of which depletion your battery.

Correctly Estimates Left over Battery Moment
Informs how much time battery will last beneath various situations (playing video games, wi-fi upon or perhaps away, etc)

Expert Asking for

Battery Physician regulates your manner in which your product is usually priced that has a Exclusive 3 Level Asking for process to help take you probably the most from your battery and also reminds a person not to over charge. Additionally, it features characteristics that could monitor and also determine power usage.

Golf widget Bundled

Our own "Task Killer" widget may enhance your power usage easily. The particular 4x1 widget causes it to be better to manage Wi-fi compatability, Data, Settings, for example, and also established power preserving settings.

Critical Functions

-- Disable unwanted applications of which depletion your battery!
-- Process Great gets rid of responsibilities having a single press!
-- Destroy applications as soon as display is usually away!
-- Correct battery leftover occasion!
-- Correct asking for leftover occasion!
-- Routine power preserving settings for work/class/sleep and more!
-- Exclusive 3 Level Asking for process!
-- Wifi/Data/Bluetooth toggle!
-- Settings control!
-- CPU Supervision (for rooted phones)!
-- Battery temp!
-- Asking for Suggestions!
-- 15 'languages' supported!
-- Basic easy-to-use user interface!

Battery Physician fans, you should join our beta tests group. Are the first to utilise our the latest updates, survey pests, and also get in touch with coders.
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Q: Can easily Battery Physician conserve power and also lengthen battery existence?
A: Sure!
Tap your group of friends on the house display (Save Power) to help destroy power hog applications that are definitely not at this time being used to further improve battery existence.
Function our request although asking for to help enable Battery Physician manage the process having its Exclusive 3 Level Asking for process of which ensures a prolonged battery existence.
Use the "Task Killer" widget to help enhance your power usage easily

Q: What exactly is whole charge and also how come this subject?
A: Connect in your telephone if the battery features about 20% leftover and also still charge until finally Battery Physician tells you another period associated with trickle asking for is usually complete. Do not overcharge simply by keeping your product blocked inside nor undercharge simply by asking for in a nutshell bursts when handy.

Q: So how exactly does "Saving Mode" function?
A: "Saving Mode" is definitely an intense setting of which turns lower just about all non-essential characteristics of your respective telephone having exclusion of developing message or calls and also sending/receiving texting. Wi-fi compatability, Data, GPS UNIT, for example may just about all become de-activate to make sure battery existence and also protect your juice.

Q: How to set up your widgets?
A: The particular "Task Killer" widget may automatically glimpse on your own house display having setting up. The other widget of which monitors WiFi/GPS/etc can be set up just as some other widget on your own product could well be set up.

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