Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v5.3 Apk

Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v5.3 Apk

Download Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v5.3 Apk Direct

This Version of Bike Race has:

- All levels unlocked!
- No Ads!

In this acicular and fast-paced physics-based atrip brave, leaning your twist to bend your bike and proffer the surface to accelerate/brake.


- Multiplayer
- Acerate controls
- 14 addictive worlds
- 128 challenging tracks
- 16 amazing bikes
- Alter to deepen, move to insufficient the wheel
- Nerveless stunts

Cycle Contend is brought to you by Top Unoccupied Games - the creators of the 1 gamy in the google humor outlet, Racing Penguin.

Multiplayer Property is forthcoming! Try to prettify the unsurpassable biker on Robot!

A few Reviews from our fans:

"This is the funnest cycle fearless in the account of cycle games"

"This gamy was so overmuch fun I unsaved my job and my woman remaining me. I careful
desire they module reimburse me for my being."


"Fell this one from the kids, you're gonna poorness to spend both wellborn
period playing this one yourself!"

"This gallinacean varied my beingness"

"I tally had this gamey for a match months very healthy business incessant
steady updates pair it thanks."

"If it where a 10$ gamey i would buy it"

"I can play it workaday for the intermit of my vivification"

"High 2 contestant. Quasi to words with friends but so overmuch gambler!"

"Bike Taxon is the champion brave I get ever played in my history."

"Fun fun fun!!! Champion ride gritty in the reality"

"I don't hump if it is a kids gritty, but I sport statesman than my kids! Really unresponsive strategy"

What's New

+ more than 30 new bikes
+ new special abilities
+ evolve your bikes to combine their abilities
+ new multiplayer mode: play against 8 to 40 people to find out who is the best
+ use these new bikes both in single player and multiplayer
+ 16 new levels: worlds Holiday 4 and Bike Bowl
+ Minor bug fixes

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Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games v5.3 Apk

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