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History Eraser - Privacy Clean v5.4.4 Apk

History Eraser may clean historical past of blog by merely one tap. It's exactly like the "ccleaner" with PC. It can help you to safeguard your privacy, and additionally, it may help someone to free up the internal hard drive. No actual premission necessary!

History Eraser - Privacy Clean v5.4.4 Apk
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• Apparent Browser History
• Apparent Call Record
• Clear sms
• Apparent Market Seek History (including brand new android current market history regarding v3. 0. 26+)
• Apparent Google Seek History
• Apparent Search History
• Apparent Google Road Search History
• Apparent Gmail Seek History
• Apparent Clipboard Data
• Apparent Youtube Seek History (assist)
• Apparent Google Seek History(Android >= 1. 6) (assistance)
• Apparent all app cache data
• Apparent Frequently Named (Frequently Contacted)
• Apparent Download History
• SMS Remove/Delete
• Delete/Remove SMS by Talk
• Call Log Remove/Delete

User reviews

Wonderful Simple, fast and simple to make use of --Hruaia Bawitlung

Wonderful! I wanted an app to get rid of the usually called record, and this kind of app would awesome job. I suggest this app to any person! --Reuben Rivas

Yes the idea works adequately, I have to give this 5 celebrities!!!! Try the idea, you may always take it off if your dissatisfied. --lisa mills

Excellent! This app is incredibly helpful as well as makes clearing your phone a very simple task. --Shawn Peeler

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Queen: How to scrub your The search engines Map historical past?
A: But if your Google Road history still arrives after thoroughly clean, please visit http: //www. yahoo and google. com/history for you to disable the records on your Google accounts.

Q: What can i do in the event that force in close proximity happens?
The: Please make use of our one more app referred to as 'App Cache Cleaner' to try and do a clean-all motion, and then open History Eraser all over again

v2. 5. 5 improvements

1. add sms clear options to at least one touch clear list
now we can seperately del 4 sorts of thread, including:
a) Delivered SMS/MMS
b) Acquired SMS/MMS
c) Unsuccessful SMS/MMS
d) SMS/MMS Nfl draft

By applying setting menus, you may alse choose never to del sms/mms as soon as screen away or you possibly can choose never to delete locked/protected sms/mms

v2. 5 improvements

1. create auto clear and preference setting
you'll have schedule clear by menu-> setting -> pick out Clear While Screen Off of. It will certainly auto carry out your very last clear procedure when display screen off.
also you can set notification bar icon here and turn on phone range of motion memory stats display.

two. add usually called (Frequently Contacted) clear
some devices have a very frequently called list in favorites case. now the actual delete operation of this list is available.

3. create phone ram status featuring
show your own phone range of motion memory stats. you can easily see how much memory freed after clear.

4. use new text deletion as well as move this kind of function for you to menu options
txt meaning deletion alternative moved for you to menu, you may delete your entire sms/mms by means of menu-> Del All SMS/MMS, Be ware that All of your current text message will probably be deleted even if they usually are locked!

5. add choice to show notification bar
you may show notification bar to get a quick swap. to permit this:
menu->Setting->check Notice Bar Symbol.

6. adapt item display order.
move clear all blog cache function to the top of the list.

Whats New :

#bug fix
#Fix widget not responding bug

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History Eraser - Privacy Clean v5.4.4 Apk
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