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WeMoHome 2.1.7 APK

WeMoHome 2.1.7 APK

WeMoHome 2.1.7 APK Download

WeMoHome description:

Use this simple app to control your WeMo devices while you are connected to your home WiFi. It includes widgets that you can add to your phone or tablet's home screen for single touch control as well as scenes for single touch control of multiple devices.

This simple app with no advertising has more function and is 10x smaller than it's ad bloated freeware competitors. See for yourself at the bottom of each app's play page. 10MB? What else are those apps doing? WemoHome is 22x smaller than Belkin's app and runs on many more version of Android.

The built in "Where's Wemo" function can be used to find and confirm your WeMo devices are working even when Belkin's app cannot find them. However you must use Belkin's app to connect your WeMos to your WIFI network the first time and only Belkin's app provides remote access using their proprietary web servers.

Refund policy: your purchase will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the app, you chose to return your Wemo devices, or if you upgrade to WemoManager. I would ask that you not give my app a bad rating based on problems with the Wemo switches - there's nothing I can do to help with that except offer configuration advice, sorry. Email me (developer's email) for the refund procedure.

This is not the official Belkin app. You will still need their official app at least once to connect your devices to your WiFi (they use proprietary method to set your router password into the device which I cannot duplicate). BUT I will never tell you to uninstall the app, reset all of your switches, and reinstall ;)!

While not as pretty as the Belkin version, this app fixes many of its problems. It runs on many more versions of Android, is faster, more stable, and uses less than 1/2 the space and run-time footprint of Belkin's app. It has widgets for single touch on/off control of your devices, and is typically able to find and connect to your switches even when the Belkin app cannot so you can confirm they are working properly. And you can continue to use the Belkin app to manage your switches remotely and to setup rules, the two are compatible.

- WeMo Motion
- WeMo Switch
- WeMo Insight switch
- WeMo Light switch
- WeMo NetCam (as a motion device)
- WeMo Maker
- WeMo Link with Wemo LEDs
- GE Link bulbs on Wemo Link (see FAQ on developer site)

WemoHome comes with the following:
- WemoHome app to monitor and control all of your Wemos
- WemoScenes for single touch control of multiple switches (e.g. "Watch a movie", "All on", "All off")
- WemoDevice, WemoSwitch and WemoScene widgets to monitor and control any Wemo with a single
touch of your phone/tablet home screen
- Log - record of which Wemos changed at what time (while WemoHome is connected)

For full private, secure, and reliable home automation for your WEMO devices you might prefer WemoManager with it's built in server and rules engine.

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WeMoHome 2.1.7 APK Download